Samsung Bixby

Today i’m going to introduce you to Samsung Bixby, a new camera feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 that I think will change the way we shop.

Watch the video below, I think you’ll be impressed! (0:30-1:05)

How awesome is that! The ability to take out your phone at any moment, point it at an object and have it take you directly to the shopping page is amazing.

Samsung Bixby is a new digital assistant appearing on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which in my opinion is a cut above the rest of competing digital AI’s such as Apple’s Siri.

Along with the shopping app, Bixby vision allows users to take a picture of a place and have the AI tell you exactly what it is and recommend shops nearby.

In my opinion this feature is very useful. If I was overseas and wanted to know a building or landmark I was looking at I could easily use Bixby Vision to let me know exactly what it is. Along with that, recommended restaurants nearby with star ratings is very useful for travellers like myself.

How can Samsung Bixby be useful for marketers?

For example if a user snapped a picture of a pair of headphones an electronic retailer would want their site to be recommended as the first option on Bixby vision. Think of it like a Google search, where the first link is more likely to be viewed. Companies will want their product as the first link for a greater chance to secure a buyer.

Image result for bixby vision

In addition, when users see recommendations to different restaurants the star rating can be an indication of whether a customer will want to shop there. Marketers have to also take into account this to try and convince customers to leave a favourable rating on the restaurant.

Do you see a use for Samsung Bixby in your everyday life? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading my blog this semester! I hope I was able to teach you a thing or two about the different aspects of digital marketing.



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