Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual reality (VR) never seemed possible for consumers many years ago, however technology has advanced so far as to allow anyone to purchase VR headsets for personal use. VR is used to generate realistic images and sounds which replicate a authentic environment.

VR can range in prices, from Google Cardboard starting at $15 to PlayStation VR costing $549. The discrepancy in prices is due to the face that Google Cardboard is used with an existing smartphone whereas PlayStation VR has an inbuilt monitor. With consumers beginning to purchase their own VR headsets and developers continuing to advance in this space the opportunity for this sector of technology is endless.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.40.01 pm.png

Imagine putting on your very own VR headset and within seconds you’re in an entirely different world. One minute you could be riding down a roller coaster and the next swimming with turtles down the Great Barrier Reef. With an imaginary world this allows creators and developers to create anything they want.

With consumers finally getting their hands on their first VR headsets, companies and marketers are starting see the advantages and opportunities of using VR to advertise their products. Even without a VR headset, 360 video can be viewed by anyone with a smartphone or modern web browser.

Watch this video below on your smart phone, Google Chrome on your computer or VR headset!

Mercedes Benz has created this 360 video to allow anyone with internet access the ability to experience what its like to drive in a Mercedes SL convertible along the Californian coastline in stunning 4K resolution. During the drive, users were able to look around the interior of the car and even peer up the sunroof!

The video posted on YouTube gained over 270,000 views in over a year and is a perfect way for Mercedes Benz to show off the experience of sitting in their convertible.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.02.32 pm.png

Using the 360 video by Mercedes Benz as an example, for marketers, VR is an opportunity to demonstrate product attributes to consumers without them physically coming to a dealership to test-drive the SL convertible. It can also be used to demonstrate the lifestyle of Mercedes owners. VR is also used to immerse users into branded entertainment, where in the 360 video above all 270,000 viewers were exposed to Mercedes Benz imagery for over 2 minutes.

Do any of you own virtual reality headset? Do you think they can be useful for marketers in any other ways?


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