Ok Google…

Is the phrase ‘Ok Google’ familiar to you?

Saying ‘Ok Google’ allows Android users to start a voice search or have Google do a task for you on your smart phone. This feature is somewhat of a personal assistant and can help with finding information and setting tasks.ok-google-1-660x385.jpg

Personal assistants are the future of mobile technology and Google have one of the fastest and most accurate in the sector. Phrases such as ‘Ok Google, will it rain today?’ or ‘Ok Google, set a timer for 10 minutes.’ are some examples that the personal assistant can answer or help with.

Smart right?

Recently Burger King have created a commercial that has come under some scrutiny and have tried to incorporate Google’s assistant into the advertisement.

Watch it below.


Unskippable 15 second advertisements on YouTube are the worst! However, Burger King found a way to extend this by saying the phrase ‘Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?’ at the end of the ad.

At the beginning of the release, this led users to Burger King’s Wikipedia page where the Google assistant read out the first few sentences. The ad was first published on YouTube however made its way onto the television, appearing in ad breaks during ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.  Source.

As the phrase led to the Wikipedia page, in repose, users edited the contents of Burger King’s Wikipedia to include unappealing and disgusting responses.

Watch what it said below!

A burger ‘made with 100% medium-sized child with no preservatives’ doesn’t sound very appealing…

Google swiftly disabled the function of the commercial however this didn’t stop the ad from airing on television and gaining nearly 4 million views on Youtube! Within 24 hours of its release hundreds of websites redistributed the ad creating clicks and conversation on social media. Source.

“Burger King saw a 300 percent increase in ‘social conversation’ on Twitter as compared to the day before. – Dara Schopp (Spokeswoman for Burger King)

This is an example of a marketing campaign that took advantage of emerging technology. and other companies may be looking at using this type of advertising in the future.

Do you think this was a successful campaign? Do you use personal assistants on your smartphone?


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