Do It For The Vine!

Vine was a social media application in which users could share short looping clips to the word capped at a maximum of six seconds. Founded in 2012, it grew enormously with 200 million users watching Vine’s every month in 2015. Source.

During its peak, Vine was at the centre of anything viral as Instagram did not have video features available. This inevitably allowed Vine and Twitter to be the main source of short viral videos on the Internet and provided an alternative platform to long edited videos on Youtube.

Below are a few examples of viral Vine’s.

53.3 Million Loops. Modern Day Aladdin.

58.5 Million Loops. Untitled.

Instagram eventually integrated videos into their platform and this was the beginning of the death of Vine. The application was eventually shut down by Twitter at the end of 2016 and lasted a total of four and a half years. Source.

In it’s short time as one of the most used social media applications Vine was able to capture a new market of users who loved short looping clips. Vine spawned hundreds of new social media stars who used the application on the come up.

An example of a Vine mega star is Lele Pons who was one of the most popular Viners during its peak and was nicknamed the Queen of Vine.

As of 11/04/17 these were her social media statistics.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.26.20 pm.png

On Vine, she was able to gain over 8 and a half billion loops and 11 million followers. With Vine declining, she decided to switch her attention to Instagram and now has gathered over 16 million followers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.26.40 pm.png

In 2014, companies took an interest in working with Vine stars as they had millions of followers. An example of one is HP’s marketing campaign #BendTheRules for the ‘HP Pavilion 360’. This was one of HP’s lowest priced laptops and aimed to target students and low income earners. The HP Pavilion 360 had the ability to fold over and be used like a tablet, and the #BendTheRules campaign played on this idea.

14.6 Million Loops. #BendTheRules.

HP hired 12 creators to create around 30 clips, where some of the creators were social media stars. HP’s Vice President of world marketing said the campaign exceeded their expectations. In total, HP received 950,000 active engagements and 50 million organic views. Eventually the Vine’s were transferred into a U.S TV commercial which ran for 5 and a half weeks. Source.

The numbers HP were able to produce were amazing and translated into exposure for their brand.

Do you seen an increase of influencers you follow on social media working with major brands? Do you think they can be successful?



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