Instagram now has Stories?

Back in August of 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature very similar to Snapchat which surprised a lot of people. Instagram now allowed users to post their own ‘story’ and have it available to followers for 24 hours. Instagram didn’t even bother changing the name to something else, but instead called their version ‘Instagram Stories’.

This was a blatant copy of Snapchat Stories and the Snapchat team let them know. Snapchat executive Tom Conrad had this to say about Instagram stories on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.28.10 pm.png

The subtle jabs haven’t stopped there! Only a few days ago on April Fools day, Snapchat released the filter below as a rip off of Instagram’s interface.

img_7980.jpgThis infographic below is enough to say that ‘if you can’t beat ’em, COPY them!’ Source.

Let’s compare the pair!

Length ✓. Display period ✓. Messaging ✓. Screenshot alerts ✓. Rewind ✓. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.40.06 pm.png

There are many similar functions when comparing Snapchat Stories and Instagram stories, however there is one small difference worth noting.

Verified users (ones with the blue tick) are allowed to post links to external websites and this is a game changer for influencers, celebrities and brands. If for example a clothing brand posted a shoe on their Instagram story, users who watch the story have the ability to swipe up and be linked directly to a page to purchase. This feature has allowed verified users to share links to videos, articles and brands they want followers to see. Ultimately, sponsored content can be viewed more easily.


British Vogue is an example of how a business has been able to use Instagram stories as a medium to increase their brand awareness, clicks and followers. British Vogue’s U.K account has had their followers double the past year to now over 2 Million followers and have thanked this to their use of Instagram stories.

To sustain and grow this large viewership, British Vogue allowed ‘takeovers’ by talent such as model Cara Taylor who published a backstage diary during fashion week on their Instagram Story. For stories, they were able to get over 80,000 viewers per clip!

Below is an example of how British Vogue used Instagram Stories to promote an article on their main website. Source.


Stories with the swipe up function allowed followers to be directed to articles on British Vogue’s main website.

What do you prefer, Instagram stories or Snapchat stories?


3 thoughts on “Instagram now has Stories?

  1. I’ve thought about this too, I personally get a higher number of viewings on Instagram in comparison to Snapchat but I honestly prefer using snapchat because it’s more intimate. In terms of marketing a business, however, if the views on Instagram are higher, Instagram stories will definitely get a business more exposure in my opinion!

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  2. Hahaha aren’t Instagram the biggest copy cats!! I agree with ‘Digimarketingaffairs’ I certainly get more views on instagram, but prefer Snapchat. This is probably because I’m more loyal to the ‘brand’ feel like it is used more often than Instagram stores. Can’t forget that Snapchat also has the filters hahahah. Great post!

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