Success on Snapchat

An underlying reason why Snapchat has been a successful social media platform is because of their originality and ability to set themselves apart from competing social media applications.

Snapchat’s core feature that differentiates them from other social media applications is that ‘snaps’ uploaded to a users story are deleted after 24 hours and ‘snaps’ sent privately disappear after they are opened. The central feature of temporary photos and videos has allowed creators to experiment with the platform and create a new form of media to be consumed.


All of us will experience F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) sometime in our life and Snapchat have developed their application around this concept. ‘Snaps’ aren’t permanent, so if users want to see what their friends are doing or whats trending on the discover page, Snapchat has to be opened at least once a day.

It can be challenging for brands to develop a strong following and create brand awareness on Snapchat because of a few limitations. This can be explained by the steps it takes to add a friend on Snapchat.

To add a friend or brand on Snapchat, you must screenshot their ‘snap code’ or add their user name manually. Compared to Instagram this takes a little more effort and may lead to lower viewership compared to Instagram and Facebook. However, the expore page and sponsored ‘snaps’ are monetised ways for brands to be seen.


A great example of an organisation that successfully used Snapchat to increase brand awareness was Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat lens in 2016. This sponsored campaign was one of the most viewed in Snapchat’s history and allowed users to use a specific lens to have a taco for a head!

The sponsored lens was viewed more than 224 million times in 1 day and cost roughly $750,000 to be used on Snapchat. Source. The marketers behind the campaign understood that Snapchat was a platform that allowed users to have fun and play around with filters and the incorporation of this concept with brand placement was a smash hit. The average person used the lens for 24 seconds before sending it as a ‘snap’.


“Ryan Rimsnider, senior manager of social strategy for Taco Bell, said that his team spent six weeks working directly with Snapchat to create the lens.” Source.

In relation to the number of times individual people interacted with the sponsored lens, 12.5 years worth of play was created in that day. This shows the power of Snapchat and the opportunity for brands and organisations to reach millions of people though a successful campaign. Source. 

What are some examples of sponsored content you’ve seen on Snapchat recently?


One thought on “Success on Snapchat

  1. Great post! I love some of the sponsored content on Snapchat as most of the time it encourages consumers to get involved and submit a fun snap themselves. Strategies like these are really effective as they engage the consumer, get their attention and most of the time help foster a positive relationship between the consumer and the brand!

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