Your ‘Story’ on Social Media

As someone who is heavily engaged in social media, Snapchat to me and many others is a social media platform that must to be opened multiple times throughout the day! This interest stems from wanting to see what my friends are getting up to and the funny and interesting ‘snaps’ that come with it.


In the beginning when I first adopted Snapchat out of a recommendation from a friend in 2013, it was used as a way to send funny and embarrassing pictures and videos (Snaps) between each other that disappeared instantly. Snapchat was such a unique application, so we were all instantly hooked.

Doodle 2.png

As of today, Snapchat has grown into a social media empire with 158 million daily active users, 301 million monthly active users and boasts that a staggering 2.5 billion snaps are sent per day! (Source). Snapchat have enjoyed their prominent rise into mainstream media and have continued to reinvent themselves with the addition of filters and the explore page.

With the introduction of Snapchat Stories, even celebrities and influencers have jumped on board and are using the application to share real time updates with fans.


Nicknamed the Snapchat King, ‘DJ Khaled’ is an example of the power of social media and how Snapchat allowed him to share his life with the world and propel him to greater stardom. DJ Khaled was one of the first celebrities to use the application like a friend would and this allowed his fans see unedited raw footage of his life and personality.

This venture DJ Khaled took with Snapchat payed off big time as brands saw the large audience he had power over with a click of a button. Through his large audience, DJ Khaled was able to parter with brands such as ‘Ciroc’ and ‘Listerine’ to promote products in his Snapchat Story to his millions of loyal followers.


Snapchat has been largely successful because of its updates in real time which allows your followers to know where you are, what you are doing and who your with. Celebrities have used this to their advantage and have acquired mass followings to share uncut and raw moments that fans would not be able to see if it wasn’t for Snapchat.

In my next blog post I will discuss how some successful brands using Snapchat.

How often do you use Snapchat?

Do you follow any celebrities on Snapchat? If so who?


2 thoughts on “Your ‘Story’ on Social Media

  1. Do you think brands can (or should) use social media (in particular Snapchat) to connect with their customers? I’d love to see your blog include case studies of successful (or unsuccessful) examples of this.


    1. I definitely think that brands can use Snapchat to connect with their customers! However, it depends on whether they understand how Snapchat works and the target audience. Some brands can misunderstand Snapchat’s medium and release content that is neither interesting or relevant to users. Successful brands understand that Snapchat is different to other social media platforms and are able to use it effectively. My next blog post discusses this further!


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