Samsung Bixby

Today i’m going to introduce you to Samsung Bixby, a new camera feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 that I think will change the way we shop. Watch the video below, I think you’ll be impressed! (0:30-1:05) How awesome is that! The ability to take out your phone at any moment, point it at an […]

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The money is in the meme

Danielle Bregoli. Does this name ring a bell? Maybe not, but you may have seen this video below. Danielle Bregoli or the ‘Cash me outside girl’ rose to global fame at the age of 13 after her appearance on Dr. Phil went viral. She quickly turned into an overnight sensation after her video spread like wild […]

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Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual reality (VR) never seemed possible for consumers many years ago, however technology has advanced so far as to allow anyone to purchase VR headsets for personal use. VR is used to generate realistic images and sounds which replicate a authentic environment. VR can range in prices, from Google Cardboard starting at $15 to PlayStation VR costing $549. […]

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Product Placements

This past year I feel like most of my readers will have seen or heard about DJ Khaled. He is the source of many memorable catch phrases like the one below. When he’s not jet skiing or showing us his insane sneaker collection the legend is making ANTHEMS in his music studio. DJ Khaled is currently in […]

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Ok Google…

Is the phrase ‘Ok Google’ familiar to you? Saying ‘Ok Google’ allows Android users to start a voice search or have Google do a task for you on your smart phone. This feature is somewhat of a personal assistant and can help with finding information and setting tasks. Personal assistants are the future of mobile technology and […]

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Do It For The Vine!

Vine was a social media application in which users could share short looping clips to the word capped at a maximum of six seconds. Founded in 2012, it grew enormously with 200 million users watching Vine’s every month in 2015. Source. During its peak, Vine was at the centre of anything viral as Instagram did not have […]

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Instagram now has Stories?

Back in August of 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature very similar to Snapchat which surprised a lot of people. Instagram now allowed users to post their own ‘story’ and have it available to followers for 24 hours. Instagram didn’t even bother changing the name to something else, but instead called their version ‘Instagram Stories’. This was a blatant […]

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